Documentary Guidelines

PITAHC requires specific documents to be submitted as part of the process. The proponent should submit the following requirements:

a. Complete detailed proposal following the prescribed format

b. Detailed breakdown of the required fund assistance to indicate the counterpart of the proponent’s institution and other fund sources including letter/s of commitment from the implementing, collaborating, and coordinating agency/ies to be accompanied by a cash program indicating the cash requirements of the project on a monthly basis.

c. Monthly Cash Program of the fund requested.

d. A counterpart fund, in kind and/or in cash, shall be required from the implementing agency as one of the application requirements. All projects must have a minimum of 15% counterpart contribution except for projects involving public good.

e. Curriculum Vitae of the Project Leader and other co- researchers/implementers.

f. Approval of the institution’s ethics review board for research involving human subjects or from an institutional animal care and use committee for animal subjects (if applicable).

g. Clearance from the National Committee on Biosafety of the Philippines (NCBP) for proposals with biosafety implications (if applicable).

h. For the private sector/non-government organizations (NGOs):

Such evaluation (including comments, suggestions, and recommendations) shall be used as bases for appropriate and final action on the proposal.


Documentary Requirements for Private Sector/Non-Government Organizations  

PITAHC proposal template   

Guidelines on the Management of Research Programs/Projects on Traditional Medicine and Complementary Medicine (TM/CM  

Research and Development Strategic Plan 2017-2022