To Dr. Bernie Arellano, Vice-Mayor of Rosales- Harry Bernabe, Former Secretary of Agriculture- Dr. William Dar, Former Director General of PITAHC- Dr. Ordoña, Exhibitors, Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Afternoon.

I am glad to be part of the Moringga Trade Fair and Exhibit. Congratulations to Dr. Bernie Arellano for conducting this kind of event. Congratulations also  to the city of Rosales for declaring November 17, 2017 as Moringa Day and for giving importance on alternative farming.   Moringa is indeed very useful to mankind.

Thank you and congratulations Dr. Bernie Arellano for creating innovations in farming and for opening your farm to students for their learning. Dr. Bernie Arellano is one the members of PITAHC Board of Trustees. She travels 2 ½ hours just to attend our board meeting and to give her due support by coming here all the day from Mandaluyong to PITAHC. Thank you very much.

Going back, as you can see there are numbers of food, cooling tea, coffee, food supplement, Vitamins, shampoo and other beauty products that are made out of Moringa. This is a commendable Trade Fair and Exhibit.

I encourage everyone to try Moringa the “talented vegetable” and the R&D to develop the manufacture of Moringa.

Further, I would like to grab this opportunity to invite you all to TAHC Congress in Iloilo next year. This will be a gathering of Traditional and Alternative Practitioners.

I would also like to pose a challenge: Establish a research and development in Moringa, give due recognition to all the farmers and support in developing products.

Lastly, thank God for the sunshine and the rain that makes the plants grow. Thank God for the leadership of Dr. Bernie Arellano. Thank God for LGU leadership. Thank God for good health and strength of our farmers for providing us Moringa.

Mabuhay tayong lahat!

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