Increase globalization has changed the way people do business, together with more complex operation of supply chain with different organization, and the rising expectations from the customers—many businesses and service providers opt to improve the quality of products and services they offer to their clients. This is also the reason why, businesses look for a system that will help them with the continuous improvement of their products and services in order to offer quality customer satisfaction.

As for the leaders in all levels of any organization, aside from aiming to give quality service for the customers, they also intended to create conditions in which their people are engaged in achieving the organization’s objective. With this, it creates unity of purpose and direction—the engagement of the people enables the organization to align its policies, processes, strategies, and resources to realize its objectives—which is why, many organizations are choosing a partner that can help them realize these goals.

“Headed by PITAHC Director General Dr. Annabelle Pabiona-De Guzman, the institute launched ISO 9001:2015 last January 15, 2018”


The International Organization Standardization (ISO), specifically the ISO:9001 2015 are instrumental in enabling international trade. They also give world-class specification for systems, products and services, to ensure quality, efficiency and safety.

To cope with the demands of globalization, the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC), joined the band wagon of other private organizations and government agencies by aiming for the ISO 9001: 2015 or the ISO Quality Management System (QMS) certification.

Headed by PITAHC Director-General, Dr. Annabelle Pabiona-De Guzman and the PITAHC central office employees launched the ISO 9001:2015 last January 15, 2018 at PITAHC Audio Visual Room. Dr. De Guzman, talks about the importance of ISO certification in the upgrading of processes and systems of the institute. Followed by the signing of commitment for: the conduct, coordination, and management of research; the development of policies and standards; as well as the management of information for the promotion and utilization of T&CM products, services, and technologies to the general public in partnership with the institutes stakeholders. They also pledge to be compliant to all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements as well as to the continual improvement of PITAHC’s Quality Management System.

“Dr. Annabelle Pabiona-De Guzman (center) with the PITAHC Staff during the launching of ISO 9001:2015”


“PITAHC Director General Dr. Annabelle Pabiona-De Guzman and the PITAHC Central Office employees signed the commitment for the ISO 9001:2015”


 Kristine Marie B. Gapor, RND
Health Education and Promotion Officer III
Social Advocacy and Training Division





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