In its effort to strengthen its primary mandate to carry out research and development on traditional & complementary medicine (T&CM) and in order to create an impact on Universal Health Care and contribute to  an improved health care, PITAHC has  allocated a major part of its annual budget for 2016  to fund research projects on T&CM.


Picture above and below : PITAHC Staff  and Board of Trustees facilitated by Ateneo de Manila’s Institute for Philippine Culture during the Strategic Planning last October 25-26, 2015 at Emiramona Hotel, Tagaytay City

Organizations, institutions and Universities that are engaged in R&D on safety, efficacy/benefit and quality of natural products; Clinical research on safety & efficacy/benefit of T&CM modalities; Policy, systems and standards research; Documentation of Philippine traditional Knowledge on health; Socio-cultural and market research and Knowledge Management may submit their proposals on said topics for possible funding support.


Hand in hand with research management, the four PITAHC herbal processing plants (HPPs) also conduct research activities and product development in their localities.

Said HPPs have already established their herbal gardens containing medicinal plants that have been proven safe and effective for specific ailments/conditions. The medicinal plant gardens will also showcase and preserve local and endemic medicinal plants and trees in their area.


The standard dose of Ulasimang Bato tablet as anti hyperuricemia developed by THPP.


Providing information to the  public, practitioners, educators, policy makers, media, LGUs, GOs, CSOs is also among its priority thrust, it is in line with this that the Institute continue to       develop/upgrade Information, Education and Communication materials that can be used in the  education and information dissemination campaigns being done by the Institute.


Training manuals and syllabi were also being developed to standardize the content of training and teaching modules that will be used by training institutions, schools and universities. In order to disseminate the appropriate information and create a wider coverage, PITAHC is    preparing its Communication Plan (COMPLAN).



The Ulasimang Bato plantation being maintained by the Tacloban HPP.


The Institute also aims to maintain and provide an adequate pool of competent T & CM practitioners and accredited facilities equitably distributed nationwide. In line with this PITAHC continues to develop/upgrade standards and guidelines on T & CM. Registration (accreditation, certification and recognition of T&CM practitioners, facilities, training programs and organizations will be continued. In order to maintain better services provided by practitioners, facilities and training institutions periodic inspection, monitoring and surveillance of recognized practitioners and facilities is also being conducted by the Institute.

A database of the following is being maintained by PITAHC :


  • Certified Medical Acupuncturists (CMA); and Associate Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Naturopath
  • Certified Associate Medical Acupuncturists (CAMA);
  • Certified Acupuncturists (CA);
  • Certified Associate Acupuncturists (CAA)
  • Accredited Acupuncture Clinics
  • Accredited Acupuncture Training Centers




  • Certified Chiropractors



  • Certified Medical Homotoxicologists (CMHTx)
  • Certified Medical Homeopath (CMH)
  • Certified Medical Homeopaths (CMHpt)
  • Certified Homeopath and Homotoxicologists (CMHHTx)





  • Certified Medical Naturopaths (CMN)
  • Certified Naturopath Practitioners (CNP)
  • Naturopathy Training Centers
  • Naturopathy Clinics


As a one stop shop for quality, cost-effective, accessible and acceptable T&CM products services and technologies, PITAHC will continue to produce quality herbal products for the requirements of the Department of Health, DOH-retained Hospitals and Local Government Units for 2016. PITAHC also maintains a clinic for those who want to avail of acupuncture, tuina massage, moxibustion, cupping therapy and energy healing services. A minimal service fee is charged.

A vast collection of materials (books, videos, music, etc.) on T&CM is also available at the PITAHC library.


Article by: Ma. Ofelia G. Infante, RND, PgDip



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