National Certification Handbook for Medical Acupuncturist

Format: Paperback

Pages: 169

ISBN: 978-971-8565-11-7

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To support the beneficial use of quality, safe, and efficacious Traditional and Complementary (T&CM) modalities, appropriate standards for practice as well as the education and training of providers must be in place. The implementation of professional standards, when supported through regulation, enhances the learning base of practitioners, and evokes confidence from patients and consumers in the health providers. Consequently, it enhances the stature of practitioners which ultimately leads to improved health care.

The Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Care (PITAHC) has taken a positive and proactive approach in formulating appropriate standards and guidelines towards certification of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (TAHC) practitioners and accreditation of training programs and clinic facilities of different TAHC modalities to ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of Traditional and Complementary Alternative Medicine.

PITAHC came up with this PITAHC National Certification Handbook for Medical Acupuncturists that will serve as the principal and official source of information for medical practitioners who wish to apply for Certification in Acupuncture either as a Certified Associate Medical Acupuncturist (CAMA) or a Certified Medical Acupuncturist (CMA).

This Handbook consists primarily of the Acupuncture Competency Standards for Medical Acupuncturists and the Code of Ethics of Medical Acupuncturists. Also included in this Handbook are the certification requirements, application procedures, and corresponding forms and fees.