ASEAN Commemorative Conference on Traditional and Complementary Medicine Featured in German Journal of Acupuncture and Related Techniques


The ASEAN Commemorative Conference on Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) was featured in German Journal of Acupuncture and related techniques last February 9, 2018. The article that was composed by Ms. Janet Pimentel-Paredes of National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) Philippines highlighted the topics included in the scientific program of the event.

Ms. Paredes emphasized in her article, the reports in the Best Practices of the ASEAN Member States on T&CM and the continuous growth together with its gaps and issues on T&CM of the Ten (10) ASEAN Member States (AMS), along with the support and supervision of the government of each AMS through national policies and regulatory bodies on T&CM.

She also mentioned the integration of T&CM in the national health care system including the use of primary health care and in public hospitals that were being implemented by Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Burma. While, in the Philippines and Singapore T&CM are more available in private clinics, non-government and charitable institutions.

It was also stated in her section that there is a reluctance among health care professionals vis-à-vis to the effectiveness of integrating traditional medicine into the health care system.

Recommendations adopted during the conference was also specified in her article such as: Strengthening of local and international collaboration on T&CM; Empowering the public on T&CM through public awareness on T&CM; Better integration of T&CM in National Health Care Policies by increasing regulatory power through proper legislations and increasing funding on T&CM department and R&D; and to promote national recognition, awards, and scholarships as motivation for best practices in T&CM.

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German Journal for Acupuncture and related techniques

ISSN 0415-6412

Volume 61

Number 1


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