In Photo: ASEAN key persons hand in hand with representatives of the Philippine Health Sector

Over the years, the Philippines has been an active member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (Asean), which contributes to the betterment of universal access to essential health-care services.

Opening ceremony and ribbon cutting of the Asean 50th Conference, led by Sen. Joseph Victor G. Ejercito, PITAHC Director General Dr. Annabelle Pabiona-de Guzman and Health Secretary Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial

This year, Asean aims to establish stronger ties among its members to reach a common goal of bringing forth safe and good-quality medical products, including traditional and complementary medicines.

The 50th ASEAN Commemorative Conference went on on September 26 and 27 in Sofitel at Pasay City, Manila. Spearheaded by the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Healthcare (PITAHC) and its Director General Dr. Annabelle Pabiona-de Guzman, the two-day event was marked a success due to the bonds strengthened during and after the conference.

Showcasing the best and most effective traditional and complementary medicine practices, the AMS implied the image of a safer place in the Philippines for T&CM.

Present in the prestigious gathering was Health Secretary Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial, who gave a moving message and run-over of the current condition of the local health sector. She stressed in her speech that their department’s goal align with that of the Asean’s in promoting well-being for all stages.

“This resonates with our Philippine Health Agenda where we want to guarantee quality health services for all life stages and the triple burden of diseases delivered by a functional service-delivery network and offering financial freedom when accessing these services,” she stated.

Ubial admitted that the future of improved T&CM health care might be a long journey but she believes that, with the help of her policy planners, implementers and fellow advocates, such outcome is achievable.

Sen. Joseph Victor Ejercito also graced the event with his presence and imparted a message that gave the Asean delegates a background on the developments of Philippine infrastructure and transportation, as well as information on the on-going urban house planning.

“With the growth of real estate and housing sector in the Philippines, we need to address urbanization and its impact,” Ejercito said.

The senator agreed with Ubial on seeking proper health-care systems in the country. He hopes and expects that the local sector will improve its health measures this year, with the cooperation of the Asean.

Pabiona-de Guzman, on the other hand, thanked the attendees and respected guests of the Asean conference who came from different parts of the world. She cheerfully greeted everyone with her enthusiastic vibe as her institute acted host of the commemorative event. Like the keynote speakers, Pabiona-de Guzman also eyes for the local health and T&CM culture to improve and cooperate with the ASEAN state nations to forge ties that will lead Philippines toward globalization.

Aware that challenges might come along the way, PITAHC is armored with faith in God and trust with their advocate partners to take on the road for T&CM development. The institute clothes itself with perseverance and scientific practice as they envision a tomorrow that compliments their field.

“As we seek to move forward in the practice of T&CM, we will be facing challenges that may be complex and difficult, but if we believe that we are pursuing the right path, then we will face this in a spirit of common partnership and competence in the skills and expertise that we will further enhance and develop,” Pabiona-de Guzman said.

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