Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC)

2nd Hospital Congress on Traditional and Complementary Medicine

Bee Farm Resort, Dao, Panglao Island, Bohol

July 18, 2019

I. PITAHC Briefer

Dr. Annabelle P. De Guzman

PITAHC-Director General

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Session 1

“Strengthening Safety and Quality of Traditional and Complementary Medicine”

II. “Medical Acupuncture Practice for Health and Wellness”

Dr. Jefferson H. Ong

Medical Acupuncturist

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III. Integrating T&CM in Hospital practice

Dr. Samuel Dizon

Naturopathic Medicine

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Session 2

“Hospital and Community Integration of Traditional and Complementary Medicine

IV. “T&CM Integration in a Clinic Set-up”

Dr. Rodrigo Angelo C. Ong

Medical Acupuncturist

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V. “Establishing Wellness Center and T&CM in Hospital Practice”

Dr. Napoleon A. Obaña

Region 2 Trauma and Medical Center

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VI. “Establishing Wellness Centers T&CM Practice in a Community

Dr. Eduardo C. Janairo


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VIII. “In-house Wellness Clinic for the Hospital Employees & Patients”

Dr. Alfonso T. Lagaya

Medical Acupuncturist

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VII. “Use of Herbal Supplement for Healthy Living”

Dr. Christopher Rey G. De Guzman

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